Do Not Silence Women. Do Not Silence People! Reblogged from DO NOT SILENCE WOMEN OF COLOUR SEPTEMBER 25, 2016 | RUSULALRUBAIL

Do not silence people! Full stop! Period! ¡Punto! ¡Suficiente! ¡Basta!

I am totally with you, dear Rusul! I am also going to write an angry post. Honestly, I have been angry for many years and by reading your article I had the need to re blog because I am silenced every day: when I am crossing the street as a pedestrian, while I am driving my car or as a car driver, as a mother with an eight-year-old daughter walking down the street on a sunny or rainy midday to have lunch with her whenever I am not teaching… Why do people like to make other lives bitter, do I deserved to be silenced? Am I supposed to take all the others tell me? Some months ago, while I was headed to the grocery store in between classes: my free time, feeling relaxed and just thinking about what I was going to get home for my family, a police woman YELLED at me as I was parking in a “wrong place”!. She cried out loud from across the avenue: Do not park there! You are blocking a garage entrance, and it was not even closer to that. She needed someone to punish at that moment and she chose me Why? Only God knows why I was verbally attacked and mistreated. I dress professionally, I try to behave well but it seems the repression does not stop.

That is not all: I will never forget once while I was crossing an avenue near my house with my daughter who was still a baby on a stroller, yes a BABY !!, a “driver” insulted me by hurrying me to cross! I couldn’ t even react at such an atrocious act of disrespect. I just went on walking…As far as I know, pedestrians have the right to walk and cars must stop if they are turning right or left: it is the law. Apparently and fortunately for the “man”, there was no officer around at that moment to “yell” at the him who was breaking the rule. So, these sad events and the ones Rusul talks about, have made me realize injustice is all along and across the world, people are becoming more and more aggressive everyday, especially in big cities like Buenos Aires, Argentina where economical situation is always weak and unbalanced. What made me write this post is my disappointment and my feeling of loneliness or abandonment as a woman-citizen. People are rude with all of us women, no matter what we do, how we look or who we are,  we are not respected and unfairly silenced… Why am I writing this? Because I really do not see any dark color in the skin of the lady in the picture Rusul posted, she is a muslim and so what?. She is a woman, a respectful human being and that gives her and all of us, the right to be treated well from the beginning. I am old enough to be told what to do or say, so please don´t silence me or give me unnecessary instructions! I am guided by someone more powerful than anybody else, and that is what keeps me safe.

On a New Journey

Through years and years of silencing, I learned that people’s hidden biases will attempt to silence the voices of women of colour. Society has conditioned them to believe that our voices do fall under dominant hegemonic cultural expectations, and therefore aren’t worthy of being heard.

I chose this image of black Muslim sister, Blair Imani, getting arrested for peacefully protesting in Baton Rouge. While silencing of women of colour explicitly and violently happens daily, in protests, activism, policing and other racist acts, the silencing of women of colour also happens on a daily basis implicitly, professionally, and silently.

blairimani-arrest Advocate staff photo by BRIANNA PACIORKA — Law enforcement arrest Blair Imani during a protest on East Boulevard in downtown Baton Rouge on Sunday, July 10, 2016. I am struggling to write this post, because I don’t exactly know what I should be sharing about my experience with being silenced by…

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